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Green Screen For Zoom

Valera + Zoom = Perfect For ...

Why Valera Screens?

You need a solution that's simple to use and works perfectly with Zoom every time. That's why we developed our line of green screens specifically with Zoom in mind. Our solutions feature:

○   Chromaboost™ technology fabric for vibrant display and uniform lighting, even in challenging settings

○   Ultra-portable and mobile form factor, making it super simple to set up and put away

○   Screens with 16x9 aspect ratio that matches your webcam, allowing you to show an expansive background

○   Tripod-mounted and floor-standing solutions in varying sizes to match your office needs

○   Option to sit or stand while doing your Zoom meeting with our tall and wide screens 

Used By Fortune 1000 Companies

Our screens are being used by leading companies across many industries.  Valera Screen offers a Corporate Purchasing program with discounts and other benefits for large organizations. If you are interested in learning more, click here to contact a member of our Corporate Sales team.

Not Sure Which Screen Is Right For You?

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How Do I Get Started?

Click here for additional resources on getting the best green screen experience with Zoom’s Virtual Background feature.

○   Suggestions on web cameras to use

○   How to light up your green screen

○   How to setup Zoom software

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