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Valera Green Screen Sizes

Choosing The Right Size Green Screen

There are many ways to choose the correct size green screen is the right size for you. However, choosing based on what you plan to use it for is always a good place to start. You can use our Valera Green Screens for streaming your favorite games, creating content on your YouTube channel or blog/vlog, video conferencing for work or with friends, photography or video sessions, and so much more.

Types Of Green Screen Based On Use Case

Let’s see which Valera Green Screens will be best for how you plan on using it!

1. Behind Desk View –This will be for those who are sitting behind a desk for streaming, content creating, or video conferencing. Limited movement green screen coverage.

2. Waist & Up View –Usually for standing and showing torso and above. Has more green screen coverage to allow more movement.

3. Full Body View – Mainly photography/videography usage. Limited movement green screen coverage for movement.

4. Action & Movement –Usually standing and showing torso and above. Larger green screen coverage for better movement and action with arms and hands.

5. Two People On Screen – With two people on screen, a wide area of coverage is needed. Movement will be limited but both subjects are on screen.